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texas business coalition


TBC was established to end government's role in financing unions in Texas.  Our mission is to help legislators: (1) understand why withholding union dues from the paychecks of our government employees is an inappropriate role for government; (2) understand how this practice fuels union attacks on Texas businesses, and; (3) pass legislation to end government involvement in union dues collections.

are unions a problem in texas?

While unions represent only 6% of private sector workers in Texas, they represent 14% of the state's publice sector employees. This creates an opportunity that national unions are exploiting under the radar of the Texas business community. It is why the national AFL-CIO recently met in Texas to announce that it is "focusing on...organizing in Texas," according to the Houston Chronicle.


Few Texas employers understand how national unions plan to expand in our state. In fact, the task for unions is difficult because Texas is a right-to-work state and most Texans oppose any institution that limits their liberty. To get around this, unions are gaining access to state government employees through elected officials who often receive union funding. 

Today, two national unions--AFSCME and SEIU--rely entirely on dues that are deducted from the paychecks of Texas state and municipal employees to fund their private-sector organizing drives and anti-business agendas. Government dues withholding programs for unions stack the deck against Texas business owners and their employees who want to remain union-free. 

when will texas catch up?

Other states, including Alabama, Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin have enacted laws to prohibit their governments from serving as dues collectors for labor unions. Similar legislation passed the Texas Senate in 2015, but failed in the house. Help us make sure similar legislation is enacted in 2017.


TBC will ensure that state legislation is enacted in 2017 to end government's role as a dues collector for unions. This includes participation by businesses across the state, a statewide public education initiative, and development of legislation that can be supported by all legislators.


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texas business coalition