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Why Do Texas Businesses Care?

why do texas businesses care about public sector unions?


Few legislators understand how national unions are using their unique relationships with our public sector agencies to expand their private-sector interests in our state. 

Because Texas is a right-to-work state and most Texans oppose institutions that limit their liberty, the unions start by working with friendly elected officials to gain access to our public sector employees. The unions then rely on our government agencies to collect their dues for them. Finally, the unions use these funds to pay for campaigns against specific businesses in Texas, and to finance political agendas that undermine all businesses.

For example, the SEIU used funds from the paychecks of city employees in Houston to attack a Houston-based janitorial services company for more than 10 years (the union was ordered by a Houston jury in August to pay the company nearly $8 million for the damage it caused). 

The union started by forming a joint venture in Houston with another national union (AFSCME) to form “HOPE” (or Houston Organization of Public Employees), and then convinced the city to collect dues for them through payroll deductions. The SEIU then used the funds to open an office in Houston from which they now run campaigns against local businesses. This includes pressure on restaurants and small businesses to pay a $15 minimum wage, and boycotts and other actions intended to damage local employers. 

By serving as the dues collector for unions, Texas has raised millions of dollars for national efforts by the unions—with help from the National Labor Relations Board, OSHA, and the U.S. Department of Labor—to impose unjust burdens on businesses in our state. The money Texas government raises in union membership dues is also used to direct organizing campaigns against Texas businesses. 

public sector unions grew more in Texas than in any other state in the nation between 2008-15

According to a study by the Manhattan Institute (City Journal, Aug. 2016)

follow the money

2005-15 collections by the texas comptroller's office in dues from public employee paychecks

spending to turn texas blue

1. defeat republican candidates

2. afscme spending

3. seiu Spending

4. Push anti-business policies

Total collected for afl-cio over the past decade

$101 million

disproportionate spending

union affiliates collection 2010-2016*

$34.7 million

$24 million

$22.4 million

$16.3 million

*626 isd's out of 1217 represented (50.6% of texas schoolchildren)

Based on these numbers representing 50.6% of the schoolchildren in all the ISDs it would be safe to extrapolate that the 4 teachers unions have collected $192.5 million from Texas ISDs from 2010 - 2016, or roughly $32 million every year.

what do texas voters think?

MOST TEXANS SUPPORT LEGISLATION to end government’s role as a dues collector for unions.

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